Masterlife Initiative

“Always keep that little place where the magic grows inside of you Alive.”

Breathe. It’s so, so good for you! A Chinese proverb says “If you know the art of breathing you have the strength, wisdom and courage of ten tigers”.

But where do you start ? The Masterlife Initiative is dedicated to teaching you how your breath can metamorphose your life, forever. It comes as on an online format where you can study by yourself or you can join me live by video or in real time here on the Côte d’Azur.

The journey begins with the free workbook and audio Time Out ‘A breath of fresh air’ to establish your own practice. This introduction offers a solid foundation on understanding how specific breathing exercises can give you more energy, focus and thereby enhancing your overall wellbeing by simply oxygenating your cells.

From there you can choose to create a regular practice with the Unplug ‘Let’s Take Breather’ series and then to deepen your understanding by signing up to the Bite Size‘Freedom Seeker’ set centered around a breath led practice for your mind, body & soul. For those who are keen to delve even further, sign up to the Masterlife Collection: ‘Be Your Own Hero’ four full levels are on offer. If you would you enjoy your own personal time with me to offer you a unique tailored program, lets do a Masterlife Masterclass: ‘Smile you still have teeth moment’. 

You will learn through pre-recorded audio and video support and we also meet regularly through live Zoom classes which allows us to delve in the material in detail.




TIME OUT: A breath of fresh air
Breaths are like little love notes for your body
A workbook and an audio session. My gift to you 🙂

The Workbook
This workbook explains in an easy and detailed manner the way we oxygenate our cells without overwhelming you with information.

The Audio practice
This audio session is a guided breathing practice you can do at any time.


BITE SIZE: Freedom Seeker
Freedom of breath, Freedom of movement and Freedom of mind. Each course is packed full of science based information to better work with your breath, your body and your soul.

Level 1: Freedom of breath. Once upon a Breath.
A breath of fresh air for your mind and body is like rays of sunshine for your spirit. Over three session
* Prerequisite: Completing the workbook

Level 2: Freedom of movement. Move & Groove.
Most people have no idea how good their body is designed to feel! This breath led practice based on yoga postures, will guide you to enjoy moving your body in a safe and conscious manner.
* Prerequisite: Workbook & Level 1

Level 3: Freedom of mind. Choose into what makes you happy
You spend your life in your head. Make sure it is a nurturing place to be. How you think and how you feel creates your state of being. And by keeping the place in you where the magic grows alive, you start creating your own sunshine. #sunshineonmymind
* Prerequisite: Workbook, Level 1 & 2

Start by doing what is necessary, then do what is possible. And suddenly you are doing the impossible. Say YES to new adventures!

This full course will take you through the elements of the breath, body and mind. This course a more detailed look into aspects of the breath and movement. There are audio sessions, you homework and group and private zoom classes to attend to go through the material together.

Grade One: Freedom of breath. Freedom of movement. Freedom of Mind.

The Grade One is a four week interactive online course that will help you improve your breathing, physiological and psycological wellbeing.

Four Modules dive deep into helping you understand how your breath and movement can help you in all moments of your life to reduce stress, feel empowered to self regulate your moods and emotions.


Grade Two: From Comfort Zone to Learning Zone

The Grade Two is a four week interactive online course that will teach you how to achieve greater personal balance, increase your focus and resilience

Four Modules dive deep into helping you understand how your breath influences your brain, how your brain influcences your body and how your body influences your thoughts.

JOIN THE GRADE TWO available Spring 2021

* Grade Three and Four will only be available on a one to one basis on site and focus on heading from the Learning Zone into the Growth Zone by unlocking greater insight, intuitive guidance for a more harmonious life.


MASTERLIFE MASTERCLASS: Smile while you still have teeth
If you want to fly, give up everything that weighs you down. Will it be easy? Nope. Will it be worth it? Absolutely.

Just You & Me. These unique programs are tailored to your journey. Let us take the time and space that is needed to (re)discover your next step in this incredible adventure that is called Life. Lets chat and work out how to make this the first step of the rest of your life! Online from @ 880e, In person in Nice from @ 1480e





Yuko gave me the power to believe in myself and the tools to thrive in every situation. Yuko is not simply a yoga teacher she is more like a guardian angel. Her magical power is helping others find their path through breathe and movement. If you’re lucky enough to cross paths with her I tell you now she’ll transform your life for the better.

Shona Arthur , UK

What to say, Yuko is yoga, Yuko breathes yoga, Yuko transmits yoga naturally. To say that she changed my life is no understatement. She gave me more than her yoga knowledge. She accompanies me in everything I do … and not just physically, but with little phrases, little advice, pauses, smiles … My meeting with Yuko soothed me. It has made me present and connected to everyone and everything that surrounds it, with both feet firmly anchored to the ground. Thank you for your smile Yuko!

Ingrid Touloumi, Ile de France

The Masterlife training was a great experience that initiated a real transformation in my life. The quality of the teaching and the ability of Yuko to adapt to my particular needs has been invaluable. Indeed, when I did this training, I was very taken by my work and my role as a young mother and Yuko offered me a very personalized individual training in presence and at a distance by video, which was essential. the avant-garde era! I really recommend this particularly enriching training both in terms of teaching and in human connection!

Bonnie Aoun, Nice