« Exhaling is a Superpower. My mission is to guide you through how to use it to transcend your deepest tensions into joy and spontaneity. »

Hi, I'm Yuko

I’ll be taking you on a one of a kind journey to experience the alchemy of exhaling – the power of the Out Breath – to metamorphose your life in ways you can’t imagine. You will experience first hand how amazing you are wired to feel.

By sharing with you how to take care of your life through developing a nurturing relationship with your breath, you will witness how the smallest breathing out actions can make the biggest difference in your mind, body and being, influencing your ability to self soothe, enhance your mobility, gain perspective and feel naturally vibrant.

As a seasoned yoga teacher and breath coach, fusioning the wisdom and science of both practices opens a paradigm shift on how we can hack into our spontaneity and joy.

By learning to breathe out, develop the most important relationship, the one with yourself.

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Never run out of breath ever again


JUNE 21st 2023
9am - 11am

Learn how nasal breathing will make you feel as light as a feather when you are running, ideal to avoid physical pain, perfect to ease mental tension and you may actually feel like you are falling in love with running!

@ Meeting Tramway Port Lympia, 06300 NICE

Learn to run differently, learn to run wisely



The secret to flexibility


JUNE 14th 2023
11AM - 1PM

Welcome to this workshop for Ironman athletes where we will discuss the benefits of exhaling during stretching and mobility exercises. Proper exhaling techniques can help you deepen your stretches, activate your parasympathetic nervous system, and promote safe recovery to prevent injuries. By understanding the science behind these techniques, you can improve your flexibility and become a better, safer, and more efficient Ironman athlete. Join us to learn and practice these techniques for a better training experience.

@ 21 rue Emmanuel Philibert, 06300 Nice

Move with ease and grace by learning how to have a breath led yoga practice.



Once Upon a Breath


JUNE 14th 2023
2PM - 4PM

Learning to breathe out transforms lives forever. Find instant peace amongst the chaos. Learn how the breath out can help you self soothe, build resilience and energise you naturally.

Breathe your way out to peace

@ 21 rue Emmanuel Philibert, 06300 Nice


Start your journey

Your bespoke haven

I welcome you to your personal sanctuary – a session like no other. Let’s delve safely deeper into nourishing and empowering your mind, body and being.

Select from personalized sessions in Nice or online.

All formats are adaptable for corporate structures.

« Breathing is incredibly personal. Each one of us is completely unique and by taking great care to get to know each and everyone of you, it allows me to create bespoke journeys within a seamless Wellness experience just for you that will truly take your breath away».

Begin to breathe out and let yourself be inspired into the next chapter of your life.
Once Upon a Breath




Take ownership of how you breathe out and increase the quality of your life everyday. For good.

More than just learning breathing excercises, understand the science behind why these excercises work to oxygenate your cells melting away tension giving your more energy; to balance hormones and steady your nervous system to influence your physical and mental state so you may live harmoniously consistently.

* Specialities include breathing adapted to sports, prenatal and asthmatics, pain management and stress resilience.




Practice to live in a more intentional way, effortlessly and with impact. 

More than just moving your body, by assimilating a breath led yoga practice, breathe easier, move with ease and grace and deepen into each posture like never before. By removing the physical and mental flactuations,  feel peace in every single moment. This is yoga philosophy in action.

* Specialities include adapted practices for all sports, future mothers as well as the mobility restricted and those in chronic pain.




Embrace the beauty of running effortlessly. Run wherever, whenever!

Just like falling in love, Running is spontaneous! By learning to breathe out through your nose as you run never struggle through a run. Ever again.

By synchronising your breathing to your heart rate to your footfall, enhance your mind – body – being connection and uplift your running experience. 

We run maximum 3 minutes at a time. You will learn how to integrate this breathing technique in action. (Please note this is not a full non-stop running session).

*Specialities include first time runners, returning from injuries, asthmatics and helping those who are looking to bring more mindfulness in their running.



Learning to breathe empowers a team to contribute to creating a healthy work environment. It arms them with the ability to decrease mental fatigue and stress, to save energy for a sustainable work-life balance promoting long-term wellbeing.

Breathing creates time and space. Room to breathe boosts mental clarity,  team effectiveness, moral and successes.

Whether you are a company, an organisation or a sports team, tailored breathing programs – sessions, seminars and conferences – are curated to your teams. Your members will leave each session feeling refreshed, restored and informed as to how to develop resilience through easy breathing excercises. 

Do what is necessary.
Then do what is possible.
Then suddenly, the impossible becomes possible.

What Clients Think

Everyone is unique. Each individual requires a tailor made approach according to their life experiences.


Everyone is unique. Each individual requires a tailor made approach according to their life experiences.

Feeling You. Alive. Poised, aligned and agile.
Welcome to your personal journey. You are unique and so should your transformation be too.

Each session will focus on nourishing what already works in harmony. Too often we focus on the things that are not going well rather than supporting the areas that are functioning and even thriving. Tensions tend to be symptoms of a much deeper rooted knot. By directing our attention through our breath to create space into the functioning elements, superfluous tension willl naturally melt away revealing the knot into which the breath can create space and over time by developing trust and self esteem we can seek out the network of professionals who can accompany us with specific issues. Do something today that your future self will thank you for.

You are. This is your journey.

There are indeed a plathora of formidable mindful breathing practices and they guide us all to a sense of wholeness and wellbeing. 

We will focus on the power of breathing out. Exhaling. You will learn how to nasal breathe and in the long run, this breathing practice leads you to simulated altitude training. Master the outbreath and you will be able to simulate 4000m in altitude and benefit from the enhanced physical and mental wellness of being up high such as:

– loose weight
– increase production of red bloodcells to carry more oxygen
– develops resilience to stress

– decrease recovery time by increasing lactate threshold
– improves VO2 max

Sessions are spread across Nice and its surrounding from Monaco to Saint Tropez

Online sessions are also available

Check the Upcoming events for a session close to you, wherever you are in the world

Possibility to travel for tailored projects, please enquire

Corporate packages also available

Yuko is dedicated to guiding people towards the freedom to choose how they experience life and how that can make a positive impact on the world around them

Yuko brings a wealth of experience that has led people from all walks of life to show up for themselves and live a life of authenticity, integrity, a life that resonates wholely for them and showcases the best human nature has to offer.

By valuing authenticity, respect and trust Yuko unquestionably believes that everyone has the potential to live their true path.

More than just applying breathing techniques to your life, feel supported by Yuko’s unique and uplifting approach based on yoga philosophy, neuroscience, human movement and of her wisdom gained through her eclectic life experiences. She has honed in her expertise to the most essential ingredient to life, The Breath. By aligning the breath into mind and body back to a space where they feel safe, nurtured and whole, amazing things can happen. The field of possibilities opens up and who we are meant to be becomes an option.

Yuko has created a specific breathing approach based on her training as a Buteyko breath coach, which she has developed into a tried and tested approach to overcome not only day to day stresses but to develop overall resilience and to give us the possibilities to stay connected to our ever constant state of joy.

There are many ‘types’ of yoga. Yuko focuses on applying yoga philosophy and adapting the practice to each individidual to experience yoga. 

Based on the a fusion of Buteyko breathing, simulated altitude training, chi and fox running as well as Afghan Walking, Yuko has created, developped and tested a revolutionary breathing approach for sports. It is applied here to running primarily for being able to apply breathing to efforts in action. 

Choose from a group or persona session, locally in Nice or online. 

Check out the events section too. If you are not local to Nice and cannot travel, you might be lucky to find an event coming up close to you.

If you have or work for a corporation, you can set up an event at your workplace/seminar/conference and share the experience.

Live sessions are mainly in Nice and the South of France from Monaco to Saint Tropez.

Online sessions available too.

Check out the events calendar for events elsewhere across France, the world and online.

Tailored packages are also available to travel to a destination of your choice. 

Be it Breathing, Yoga or Running

Group sessions 25€
Private sessions from 80€
Personalized coaching sessions from 120€

Group Workshops from 80€
Tailored Workshops from 240€
Custom Immersions on demand

Teacher training on demand

For Corporate Rates, please enquire

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« Choose Life. Show up for yourself. Let this be one of the greatest gifts we offer ourselves and to those who are closest to us. May it be the humble legacy we leave in the hearts and souls of all those that cross our path »

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